International festival year 'Play with me'

The words ‘Play with me’ are said when we want to play with someone.

Even the events that take place during the International Festival Year ‘Play with me’ invite people of different ages, genders, from different countries, those with special needs and those without. Everyone is invited to the game.

The international festival year ‘Play with me’ includes various events:

What does the word ‘international’ mean?

The ‘Play with me’ events are also attended by many people from other countries, which gives them an international touch.

The activities are organised by two main organisers, the Center Janez Levca Ljubljana and the Association for the Culture of Inclusion. Every event is attended by a large number of kindergartens, schools, institutes, various organisations and also individuals.

The events take place in various cities in Slovenia and abroad. They take place in their centres so that as many people as possible can attend them.

A lot is going on at ‘Play with Me’ events! Many fun workshops, sports and social games, performances and many other activities. Most people are happy to hang out, play, collaborate. That’s why we invite everyone to the game!

Some people think that people with special needs are different from them. But many have never had contact with them. This is also what our events are for. We want to show that people with special needs also want to be accepted, have friends, and play.

A positive atmosphere and space for play can only be created together, with your help. Play with us and change the world!

It often happens that people fear what we do not know. We only feel safe and relaxed when we are in the company of people we know. We often don’t accept people we don’t know. We fear their peculiarities. But each of us is special. And each of us needs to feel accepted.

The festival wants to show that every person is equally important. Everyone is unique, special, unique. And because of each of us, the world is more beautiful than it would be if we were not born into it.

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