1. Participation is open to everyone, regardless of gender, language, religion, political or other belief, race, nationality, ethnical and social background or special needs.

2. Activities promote and support the achievement of the main objectives and principles of ‘Play with me’, which are social inclusion, mutual cooperation, equal rights and opportunities, non-discrimination, overcoming stereotypes about being different.

3. Commercialisation and selling products or services is not permitted.

4. Marketing is limited and is only allowed under previously agreed conditions (in agreement with the organiser).

5. The activities do not allow negative judgements, connected to disability, visual appearance, social position, gender, sexual orientation or other personal circumstances of an individual or a group.

6. It is not allowed to spread racial, ethnic, gender, age, religious, geographical or other stereotypes.

7. Any act of incitement to violence, act of intolerance or hate speech is strictly prohibited.

8. No political propaganda is allowed.

9. Any sign of sexually explicit content is prohibited.

10. It is not allowed to show dangerous or harmful actions where people can get hurt.

11. It is not allowed to depict any violent acts or other kind of shocking images.

12. Participation at the events is voluntary and as such is a result of an individual’s personal choice.

13. In order to participate, children and youngsters do not need their own social network profile(s). We recommend cooperation with the parents/guardians or other responsible adults.

14. Based on the previous articles, the organisers have the right to deny access to the infrastructure and applications, connected with the ‘Play with me’ brand.

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