The International Festival Year ‘Play with me’

‘Play with me’ is said when we want to invite someone to come and join us at play.

The International Festival Year ‘Play with me’ includes different events:

  • The International festival ‘Play with me’
  • The International sporting event ‘Play with me’
  • The International art contest ‘Play with me’
  • The International art and cultural event ‘Play with me’
  • The International travelling exhibition ‘Play with me’

What does the word ‘international’ mean?

‘Play with me’ events are visited by numerous people from different countries which gives the events the international note.

Events are organised by The Special Education Centre Janez Levec Ljubljana and The Association of Inclusive Culture.

The events are held in the central locations with one aim: so that as many people as possible can join them. Even the random passers-by are more than welcome to come and play with us!

There are a lot of fun activities going on: from different workshops, to singing, dancing and acting performances. And much more!

However, we can only create the positive atmosphere and a place to play – together, with your help. That is why we invite you to play with us and help change the world!

We are often afraid of the unknown. We only feel safe and comfortable when being in a familiar sitution, surrounded by well known people. Those who we don’t know, we often don’t fully accept into our lives. We are afraid of their peculiarities. But, each of us is peculiar. And everyone needs the feeling of being accepted.

The festival wants to show that each person is important. Each is unique, special in its original way. And each of us makes the world a richer place to live.

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